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What we do?

“Heroyika” is a charitable foundation, which was established in Ukraine in 2010 as a public initiative, core activities of which involve building monuments and memorials to the defenders of Ukrainian independence. Young people from different parts of the country have gotten together, to mark their homeland with Ukrainian military symbols, to assert the ideas of statehood and liberty of the Ukrainian people.

Our work has begun with construction of the very first monument dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers in the south of our country, in the village of Zmiyivka of Kherson region. In 2013, “Heroyika” has been registered as a charitable foundation. From 2014 to 2016 we were engaged in aiding the Ukrainian army units, in particular: “Donbas” and “Azov” battalions and 30th Mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Currently “Heroyika” is researching and restoring Ukrainian army burials, building new monuments and memorials at the combat grounds and sites of military campaigns, dedicated to the fallen Ukrainian warriors. We have implemented 27 memorial projects throughout the country.

Our goal is to research and popularize Ukrainian military history. The main areas of our foundation’s work are:

• Search and restoration of the Ukrainian military burials
• Protection of the Ukrainian military graves
• Paying to upkeep the graves of the Ukrainian combatants abroad
• Construction of military monuments and memorials
• Installation of memorial plaques
• Recording video memoirs of the Ukrainian liberation movement veterans
• Production and distribution of educational materials on history of the Ukrainian army

What has been done so far?

Since 2010 “Heroyika” has implemented 27 memorial projects. We have built 8 monuments, inaugurated 9 memorial plaques, and restored 10 military gravesites (we have installed 17 individual and group gravestones).

The direction of our work has been prioritized to commemorate the personalities and events of the First Ukrainian War of Independence, as this period has affected every part of our homeland at the time: From Kholm to Kuban and from Sevastopol to Starodub. However, the Bolsheviks have made great efforts to erase every memory of the Ukrainian People’s Army, including the graves of its soldiers. The soviet authorities have been carefully and persistently brainwashing the Ukrainian people into thinking that they have never defended their freedom, and never fought against the Russian invaders.

The main goal of “Heroyika” foundation is to honour the Ukrainian People’s Army and demonstrate Ukrainians, how persistent was our nation in its struggle for statehood, and what kind of sacrifice has been made in this relentless fight for our freedom in the central and eastern parts of our country.

Due to this, most of the project of our foundation are directly related to the history of the Ukrainian People’s Army. Our every project is a set of activities to commemorate a soldier or group of soldiers, or a particular historic event. Thus, the projects of “Heroyika” are not only about construction of monuments and installation of memorial plaques, it involves number of activities: archival research, field work (arrival to the location, communicating with locals and ethnographers, and search for military graves), construction of a memorial, educational work with local population, grand opening of the monument, and further commemorative events.

Some of our most well-known projects were – the memorial to soldiers of the Ukrainian People’s Army in Boyarka, Kyiv region; a monument to the officers of the Ukrainian People’s Army, natives of Kyiv; a memorial to 17 soldiers of the 10th Graycoat regiment of the Ukrainian Army in the village of Kholodets, Khmelnytskyi region; the monument to “The Crimean servicemen who died in combat for the unity of Ukraine” on a border of Kherson region and temporarily occupied Crimea.

The foundation records information about military graves of the Ukrainian People’s Army around the world. For that purpose we keep our own catalogue of these burials, which constantly gets updated, we also search and keep track of the graves that may disappear due to neglect or non-payment of the cemetery rental fees. Currently, “Heroyika” is covering the lot rental fees for the graves of Lieutenant Vasyl Tatarskyi in the city of Ingolstadt and colonel Mykola Shramenko in Munich, Germany.

In addition to construction of the monuments and preservation of military graves, “Heroyika” is engaged in a research and educational activities. The foundation publishes its own newspaper, called “Heroyika”, each issue of which is dedicated to a specific memorial initiative. Therefore, construction of the monuments is followed by distribution of a free newspaper issue to the local population that describes heroic deeds of the Ukrainian soldiers. This dispels the myths of the Russian propaganda and revives the names of the forgotten heroes.
In 7 years “Heroyika” has accomplished the following:

• Built 8 monuments
• Inaugurated 9 memorial plaques
• Installed 17 gravestones
• Released 8 post cards with portraits of the Ukrainian People’s Army officers (total circulation 8 thousand)
• Published educational pamphlets and leaflets with a total circulation of more than 10 thousand copies
• Translated into English and published 6 scientific works and memoirs on history of the First Ukrainian War of Independence
• Filmed and distributed 19 educational video materials (including the memoirs of veterans of the UPA, most of whom have passed away)

How are we funded?

“Heroyika” only exists due to charitable donations. There are no political parties that support us, and our projects are not funded by millionaires or foreign grants. Everything we have done so far, is a result of a hard work of our volunteers and support of our donors. Almost 95% of the funds are donated by our supporters within Ukraine, mostly young people under age of 35. Another 5% of the funds are contributed by private individuals from the Ukrainian diaspora.

To make a donation to support our work you may use the following banking details in Ukraine:

ПриватБанк: 4149 4393 9261 8991, Цюпка Наталя Романівна
Найменування юр. особи: Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд «Героїка»
Код ЄДРПОУ: 38697076
Валюта рахунку: UAH
№ рахунку: 26005602566300
Назва банку: Публічне акціонерне товариство «УкрСиббанк»
МФО (код банку): 351005
Призначення платежу: Благодійний внесок

To donate from abroad one can use the following methods:
Online contributions:

PayPal: heroic.spirit@gmail.com

Donations by cheque, which can be made out to: Yurii Yavorskyi
The cheques can be mailed to the address below:
P.O. Box: 10091
Westway Centre Post Office
1735 Kipling Avenue
Toronto, ON M9R 4E2


Our Team

The supreme governing body of “Heroyika” foundation is the General assembly. The Management Board is a permanent executive body that governs the foundation, and is elected during the General assembly for a duration of 5 years. On April 3, 2017, the General assembly has elected the following Board of the foundation:

Pavlo Podobed, Chairman of the Board
Yurko Yavorskyi, Board Member
Andriy Kovalev, Board Member
Yaroslav Tynchenko, Board Member
The Supervisory Board, which is elected by the General assembly for a term of two years, carries out control over the activities of the Management Board. Current members of the Supervisory Board were elected on April 3, 2017 at the General assembly of the foundation.
Rostyslav Martyniuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Orest Stets, Member of the Supervisory Board
Yurko Fartushnyi, Member of the Supervisory Board
Oleg Sobchenko, a veteran of the modern Russian-Ukrainian war, is coordinating the maintenance of military burials and the memorials.

How you can help?

We are looking for volunteers and like-minded individuals to work together to honor the Ukrainian soldiers, to promote love and sacrifice for Ukraine. “Heroyika” needs people of good will who will help to:
• Care for the military graves
• Restore old monuments
• Build new memorials and monuments
• Depict images of the military history
• Work in archives
• Write and edit in our newspaper
• Film and edit our videos
• Translate the works of military history from Ukrainian into English

Contact Us.

Our mailing address in Ukraine:
Heroyika Charitable Foundation
а/с №281

Our mailing address for the USA and Canada:
P.O. Box: 10091
Westway Centre Post Office
1735 Kipling Avenue
Toronto, ON M9R 4E2

Our representative for North America: Yurii Yavorskyi


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